Magento 2.x Module Creator
* Model Name * Table Name * Primary Key Need Backend Model Manager Action
* Attribute Code * Label * Input Type Scope Default Value Note Class Values Required Action
* Entity Type * Attribute Code * Label * Input Type Show on Frontend Forms to Use In Default Value Note Values Required * Sort Order Action
* Entity Type * Attribute Code *Data Type Action
Dispatch event example:
$myObject = new \Magento\Framework\DataObject(array('text' => 'value')); 
$this->_eventManager->dispatch('marouan_dispatch_event_example', ['obj' => $myObject]);
* Magento Event Code/Custom Event Code   (Magento 2 Events List) * Class Name ('Observer/{{Class Name}}.php' ) * Event Area Action
*Title *Method Name *Displayed Error Message *Code *Sort Order *Active Action
*Class Name (Cron/{{Class Name}}.php) *Cron Syntax   Magento Cron Syntax Tool Action
    For example: (*/5 * * * *) Every 5 minute run cron job.  
*Class Name *Method Name *Plugin Type *Scope *Sort Order *Disabled Action


Through the different options you can create different functional module.

Magento 2 Module Creator is a magento 2 online module tool.

Click button ‘Create Magento Module’ start create a new magento 2 module.

You may define your module name, company name etc.

Function Include:

  1. Update Version
  2. Create a Frontend Page
  3. Create a Backend Page
  4. Create a data module, Create a ‘Backend Model Manager’ for add delete change search this data module.
  5. Add new category attribute
  6. Add new customer attribute
  7. Add new customer address attribute
  8. Add new sales attribute
  9. Run sql in the magento database
  10. Run installing php code in the magento system
  11. Add Magento 2 Event
  12. Add New Shipping Method
  13. Add Magento Cron Job
  14. Add Magento 2 plugin
  15. Add Magento 2 widget
  16. Add Magento 2 console command
  17. Add Magento 2 language csv file
  18. Add New Order Total (fee or discount)
  19. Rewrite Magento 2 Class (Helper , Block , Model and Controller)